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Секреты Женской Красоты
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A comprehensive program of hair restoration for women, men, and teenagers.

 Beautiful, easy to shape hair is a natural decoration at any age. Healthy, thick hair allows us to change our hairdo and appear different.

The line of LithoPhytoShampoos "Sekret Krasoty” combines old recipes and current technologies.

Dry LithoPhytoShampoo’s do not contain any "chemicals” and are 100% natural. This allows you to wash your hair without overdrying it, to increase its volume without hair conditioners, to restore the skin of the head, and to stop excessive hair fallout.

LithoPhytoShampoo’s "Sekret Krasoty” are powderized mixtures of a complex composition: they contain natural volcanic tuff and a multi-component herbal mixture based on burdock root, flagroot, bur marigold, St. John’s wort, knotgrass, cabbage, licorice root, mustard powder, rye and wheat embryo shells.

In addition, each formula of the LithoPhytoShampoo contains the main medicinal herb:

n        Formula 1 (Hops)

Effective for various problems with the skin of the head: seborrhea, dermatitis, and excessive hair fallout. Contains phytohormones and natural antioxidants, has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens capillaries. Very effective against dandruff and baldness.

n        Formula 2 (Henna)

Has a mild bactericidal effect, stimulates the growth of epidermis, strengthens hair bulbs. Regenerates hair along its entire length and increases its volume. Gives hair a golden tint.

n        Formula 3 (Birch leaves)

For weak, slowly growing hair. Contains natural vitamin C, supports synthesis of collagen, makes for growth of skin capillaries. Tones up and moisturizes the skin, effective for oily seborrhea of the head accompanied by dandruff and itching.

n        Formula 4 (Nettle)

Normalizes the function of oil glands, makes for regeneration of the skin of the head and hair structure. Contains large quantities of organic silicon, lecithin, carotinoids, stimulates growth and development of new cells. Indispensable for those who experience stresses frequently or are recovering after an illness.

n        Formula 5 (Coltsfoot)

Improves healing of wounds, has anti-inflammatory effect. Improves the immune system of the skin. Strengthens hair, recommended for hair fallout and dry dandruff with itching.

n        Formula 6 (Chamomile)

Highly effective for flaky hair. Removes edema and hyperemia of the skin, tones up capillaries. Contains chamazulene, a natural substance with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, softens and tranquilizes the skin of the head. Recommended against acne and dandruff.

The main characteristic that distinguishes dry shampoos from the common, liquid hair wash products is that they do not foam as they do not contain synthetic surface-active additives. The great cleansing effect is achieved through emulsifying the skin grease with mustard powder and retaining it with the help of mineral and vegetable sorbents.

When the hair is washed, it is nourished as well: keratin of the hair’s middle layer is strengthened by compounds containing sulfur and silicon, its root receives a considerable amount of vegetable flavonoids, natural vitamins and phytosterols, which stimulate hair growth and improve its quality. Flagroot, St. John’s wort, and mustard contained in the shampoo destroy the bacteria that cause inflammation of the skin and deterioration of hair bulbs, while bur marigold and licorice treat dermatitis, alleviate itching, and reduce formation of dandruff.

Washing the hair with LithoPhytoShampoo’s improves blood circulation in the capillaries of the skin of the head, the hair becomes shiny and easy to shape. One more serious advantage of LithoPhytoShampoo’s is that they normalize the function of the oil and sweat glands, allowing you to wash your hair less often.

LithoPhytoShampoo’s may be used for any type of hair, but their revitalizing effect is particularly noticeable on thin, fine, and weak hair.

LithoPhytoShampoo ""Sekret Krasoty”” preserves its medicinal properties for 2 years, if stored correctly. It is recommended that the preparation be stored at room temperature in sealed packages, not allowing moisture inside the packages. The product is absolutely safe and has no contraindications and side effects.


Directions for use

 If your hair is short and not very thick, there are two ways to use the shampoo.

n      1. Add warm water (60-70 °C) to one tablespoonful of dry LithoPhytoShampoo until it resembles thick cream. Water should be added a little at a time, stirring continuously to prevent formation of lumps. Rinse hair with water thoroughly to wash off residual face pack. Spread the mixture over hair little by little, ensuring maximum contact with the skin of the head and the hair. Massage the skin of the head gently, leave for 5 to 15 minutes, then rinse in a tub of water or in the bath, and complete the rinsing in the shower.

n      2. Dilute one tablespoonful of dry LithoPhytoShampoo with water in a 0.33 liter (12 oz) plastic bottle, stir well until there are no lumps, and carefully pour over hair (already rinsed) and the skin of the head over your bath or a tub. "Knead” your hair thoroughly to make sure they are uniformly soaked in the LithoPhytoShampoo, massage gently, leave for 5-15 minutes, then rinse as above, first in a volume of water then in the shower.

Thick, short hair or medium-length hair may require more powder; try to find the optimal quantity.

To wash longer hair, stir two tablespoonfuls of the powder in 1 liter of water. Rinse your hair with water, then pour and spread the liquid over your hair and the skin of the head over a tub, continuing the process for a while with the solution dripping into the tub. Leave the shampoo on the head for 5-10 minutes, then very thoroughly rinse your hair in a volume of water, since this is decisive for successful application. Try to rinse off all particles of the LithoPhytoShampoo, similarly to how it is done when dyeing one’s hair with henna or indigo (black henna). Do it two or three times, then complete in the shower. If the hair had been very dirty, once may not be enough—repeat the procedure.

After the LithoPhytoShampoo has been washed off, rinse the hair with a mixture of water and vinegar, or water and the juice of one lemon.

Washing your hair with LithoPhytoShampoo takes more effort than using the ordinary shampoo based on synthetic surface-active agents. But the result is worth the extra time and effort.

Find your way to beautiful, healthy hair!











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