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Секреты Женской Красоты
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Hair-dyeing is one of women’s favorite pastimes. When gray hair sets in, regular dyeing becomes a necessity.

Unfortunately, frequent use of synthetic hair dyes destroys the structure of hair: alkali treatment and oxidants do their harm and hair becomes dry and lifeless. In addition, alkali destroy the hair’s own pigment, melanin, and make it impossible to restore the hair’s original color.

Therefore, many women prefer to dye their hair with the help of natural dyes, those that have been used for thousands of years. The qualities of henna and indigo (black henna) are well known, but they do not create staying colors, and the dyeing procedure takes 5-6 hours or has to be performed at high temperatures, about 100 degrees.

Hair dyes created by the inventors of dry cosmetics reduce the dyeing time, create a long-staying color, retaining all the useful qualities of natural dyes.

The LithoPhytoDyes contain a substance called "Tseoluks”, a catalyst developed by LN-Kosmetika, which consists of microporous volcanic tuff saturated by ions of copper.

LithoPhytoDyes contain natural dyes that have been used traditionally for hair care: chamomile flowers, coffee, cocoa, and of course henna and indigo.

The pigments made of these herbs are tied on the surface of Tseoluks particles and become active at low temperatures (50-60°C). Therefore dyeing occurs rapidly (within 1-2 hours), the dyes penetrate the middle layer of the hair, and their link to keratin is significantly stronger. Before dyeing hair must be washed with LithoPhytoShampoo, dried, and rinsed with acidified water after dyeing. LithoPhytoDyes can cover gray hair well, and can handle even thick, coarse hair.

Regular use of LithoPhytoDyes stops the graying of hair. Copper contained in the dye activates a ferment called thyrosinase in the root of the hair. This ferment starts the synthesis of melanin, and it is the deficit of copper that is often the cause of early gray hair.


n        Formula 1. Bright red

Tseoluks, henna.

n        Formula 2. Bronze

Tseoluks, henna, indigo.

n        Formula 3. Chestnut

Tseoluks, henna, indigo.

n        Formula 4. Black

Tseoluks, henna, indigo.

n        Formula 5. Mahogany

Tseoluks, cocoa, henna.

n        Formula 6. Reddish brown

Tseoluks, coffee, henna.

n        Formula 7. Golden

Tseoluks, chamomile flowers, henna.


Directions for use

Dilute LithoPhytoDye "Sekret Krasoty” with hot water of temperature at most 80 degrees and thoroughly mix until resembles thick cream. Before dyeing, wash the hair, preferably with the dry LPS "Sekret Krasoty”, dry with a towel, comb thoroughly. Dye the hair curl by curl with quick motions, while the dye is still warm. It is convenient to apply the LithoPhytoDye with a gloved hand, rubbing it in the skin of the head and squeezing hair with it. The dye is first applied to hair roots, in a thin layer, and then to the rest of the hair. To keep the dye warm, place the cup with the dye in hot water or use a cup made of earthenware or thick metal. After the LithoPhytoDye has been applied to the skin of the head and the hair, cover the hair with plastic film or parchment soaked in hot water, wrap it in a towel and wait the specified time. Now rinse your hair well with warm water, no shampoo, and finally rinse with water with a little vinegar, citric acid, or lemon juice. It is recommended to dye your hair at least once a month. For good results when dyeing gray hair, repeat the procedure once a week for a month, and then dye your hair once a month.

Useful Advice

1. When dyeing your hair, do not try to change its color too much. Hair darker than the natural color is rarely becoming. The dyeing time varies, because it depends on the condition of the hair and individual features. Therefore you should check the color every 30 minutes by cutting a small curl of dyed hair off, rinsing it and drying (the final intensity of the dye is achieved on air and in direct light). For the same purpose you can dye a small curl first.

2. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair you will need 25 to 100 grams of LithoPhytoDye.

3. Dyeing time will depend on the desired color, hair structure and original color. If the hair is light, it is dyed for 5 to 10 minutes, darker hair for 30 to 40 minutes, and black hair from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. LithoPhytoDye is a natural product, and so the exposition time may be increased to 4-7 hours to achieve a more intense color if desired.

4. LithoPhytoDye is diluted with water always immediately before use.

5. If the color after dying is brighter than desired, wash your hair with dry LithoPhytoShampoo, diluting it in a large quantity of water, 1 tablespoonful to 0.5 liters of water.

6. To ensure better adhesion of LithoPhytoDye, another technique of its preparation exists. Mix equal amounts of LithoPhytoDye and boiling water to make a paste. Water can be replaced by strong tea or coffee of the same temperature. Add the yolk of one egg or one tablespoonful of castor oil. Mix thoroughly, warm the paste in a water bath and leave for 10-30 minutes, then cool and bring to boil again. Take off the heater and spread on hair while it is as hot as possible. Leave the past on the head for 30 minutes to 3 hours, wrapping the head in polyethylene and a towel, then rinse off.

7. Remember that after dyeing you should not wash your hair for at least two days.

8. The Indian technique of herbal dye preparation. To dilute LithoPhytoDye, use strong tee, coffee, red wine, or walnut tincture. Add some sugar, lemon juice and eucalyptus oil. In India, these recipes were transferred from generation to generation. The following version is one of the traditional ones:

Prepare very strong tea (the stronger it is, the darker the tint).

Mix half a cup of the tea with the juice of half a lemon and two tablespoonfuls of sugar.

Add LithoPhytoDye powder to make the paste, wait 15 minutes.

Spread the ready mixture on the skin of the head and the hair, as described above in application.











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