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Секреты Женской Красоты
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Lithocomplex "Sekret Krasoty” is a new highly efficient universal cosmetic preparation for the overall  skin care for the face, body and head.


 - Provides for deep cleansing of the skin, hygiene  of sebaceous and sudoriferous glands, normalizes their activity. Greasy, dry and mixed skin becomes normal.

- Restores the natural ability of the skin to retain moisture. Softens the skin, enhances its elasticity. Slows down and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

- Makes for the restoration of the natural nutrition mechanism for the upper layers of the skin from within by the increase of the tissue fluid in the body of the skin.

- Enhances the effect of nutritional cosmetic creams, face-packs, and ointments.

- Removes scoria from the body, nourishes with a rich mix of necessary chemical elements.

- Has bactericidal effect, increases resistance of the skin to viruses, bacteria and fungi. Restores protective properties of the skin.

- Rejuvenates and refreshes the skin. Accelerates the removal of  keratinized pieces of the old skin.

- Removes unpleasant odors.

- Prevents dandruff, itching, strengthens hair.


Lithocomplex consists of the unique mix of rare natural minerals of volcanic origin (Zeolite), mountain clay (montmorillonite), salts of Na and Cu (NaCl and CuSO4).





absorbents / emulsion stabilisers / viscosity controlling agen




Zeolites. Crystalline aluminosilicates, composed of silica (SiO2) and alumina (Al2O3), in various proportions plus metallic oxides. Produced by hydrothermal treatment of a solid aluminosilicate or of a gel obtained by the reaction of sodium hydroxide, alumina hydrate and sodium silicate. The initially obtained product, or a naturally occurring analog, may be partially ion- exchanged to introduce other cations. Specific zeolites are identified by notations indicating crystal structure and predominant cation, e.g., KA, CaX, NaY


Lithocomplex is a dry powder: this completely excludes the need in preservatives that are normally present in liquid and greasy preparations. Organic solvents and oils being the medium for the possible development of harmful bacteria, are absent in Lithocomplex, as well.

The working mix is prepared immediately before use in the water medium that is congeneric for the living tissues.


Lithocomplex does not have an expiry date and keeps its properties eternally. The preparation is absolutely safe and does not have any contra-indications or side effects.


The regular use of this preparation provides for a strong external effect without the use traditional cosmetics and make-up, or with the substantial decrease in their use.


The major distinction of the approach to skin care using Lithocomplex from the multitude of other recommended cosmetic preparations, is that the main stress is put not on the enhanced nourishment of the skin from the outside, but on the unique method of deep efficient cleansing of the skin; as a result,  natural mechanisms are restored for the preservation of the necessary moisture volume in the skin, skin nourishment from within, recovery of protective properties of the skin.


Lithocomplex can be used for the care of any portion of human skin. Its use in the sauna, under the conditions of increased temperature and humidity, proves to be very effective. On the other hand, the use of Lithocomplex at home (taking a bath or a shower) gives you practically the same result of cleansing the skin tissues and removal of undesirable waste as its use in the sauna.

Important: Lithocomplex is applied only on the wet skin and prior to use is to be completely moistened with water till you get a thick slurry ("wet sand”).


Lithocomplex is the result of the effort by Russian scientists, it was made based on original ideas being at the turn of physics, chemistry, mineralogy, conceptions on the bio-physical-chemical processes in the human skin, cosmetology, popular and ancient recipes.


All rights reserved.


Directions for Use


- Prior to application on the skin preparation is to be moistened by water until you get a thick slurry.

- The resulting slurry is to be applied on the wet skin only.

- The work of the preparation may be accompanied by slight tingling of the skin.


Facial Skin Care

Rinse the face with water, pour about one tea spoon of Lithocomplex in your wet palm. Use your other wet palm to prepare the slurry adding water from the tap as needed. Then, with your finger tips gently apply the preparation on the facial skin over the massage lines (eyelid area included). ( If the preparation gets on the mucuous membrane of the eye, it causes slight itching: this is caused by the presence of natural salts. To eliminate this itching, just rinse the eyes thoroughly with clean water). Lithocomplex should be particularly applied, not rubbed. Leave the preparation on your face for 1 minute, then, rinse with water. If you have make-up on your face, prior to the use of Lithocomplex just remove it from the eyelids and lashes with your usual remover. All the rest will be succesfully removed by Lithocomplex. After the session your skin is absolutely clean. As a rule, after the use of Lithocomplex the skin does not  feel tight, therefore, it is not necessary to use cosmetic creams. It is recommended to use face-packs of the "Sekret Krasoty” line after the above procedure.

We also recommend to cleanse the skin of the neck and décolleté on the regular basis.

It is recommended to use Litocomlex on the face, neck and décolleté at least 3 times a week. Another option would be just washing the face using Lithocomplex instead of your usual soap every day in the morning and the evening.

Body Skin Care

You will need 3-4 table spoons of Lithocomplex to treat the body skin. Make the necessary amount by adding water until it becomes like "wet sand”, apply all over the wet body skin, leave it for 5-7 minutes, rinse under the shower. The skin becomes ideally clean. In the sauna it is recommended to apply about 1 table spoon of Lithocomplex on the wet body skin prior to each visit to the steam room. This results in abundant hidrosis and plentiful discharge of scoria through the skin. After each visit to the steam room, rinse the preparation with warm water in the shower. After the last session in the steam room, apply Lithocomplex on the face for 1minute, then rinse in the shower. No shampoos or shower gels are recommended after the use of Lithocomplex.

It is sufficient to use Lithocomplex for the body skin care once a week.

Head Skin Care

Short hair is to be thoroughly rinsed with water. Long hair: wash with a shampoo  diluted by water in the 1:1 proportion. It is more preferable to use the "Sekret Krasoty” LithoPhytoShampoos. About 1 table spoon of Lithocomplex, prepared for use as noted above, is rubbed  into the skin under the hair. If your hair is short, apply 2 tea spoons of Lithocomplex  evenly on the entire volume of the hair. Make a light massage,  then, put on a plastic cap, then a towel on top, and leave it  for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.

It is recommended to use Lithocomplex on the head skin at least once a week. Such procedures help to eliminate such problems as dandruff and itching, strengthen the hair, normalize the functioning of sebaceous glands. After the very first use, the interval between hair washes can be substantially extended without any loss to their appearance. In this case, Lithocomplex can be used together with any cosmetic preparations that appeal to you.

*In some cases, when using Lithocomplex, one may observe the so-called "cleansing reaction”. After 1-3 sessions some pimples or skin peeling may take place. This is a normal reaction when the nidus of infection is brought to the surface of the skin and the natural rejection of keratinized portions of the old skin is restored. Such phenomena disappear within 1-2 weeks on the background of the overall improvement of the skin itself.











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